Large-scale innovation to transform the way you live, live, work, study and play.

Bahia was chosen to host the most ambitious and innovative project for the development of Smart Neighborhoods, aiming to provide a better infrastructure to residents, combining the factors of efficiency, quality of life and sustainability.

Inspired by the best and most efficient in the Smart City concept, neighborhoods are designed to be increasingly efficient, connected, sustainable, smart, inclusive, safe and ecological.

Bahia, Brazil


Countryside atmosphere with the technology and comfort of a big city.
Imagine your life in a place where you are at the center of everything.

The neighborhood of your dreams!

You will love living here

The best of the Smart City concept, combined with the warmth and charm of the coast of the state of Bahia, Brazil.

The largest northeastern state has an extensive coastline, which means the existence of many beautiful beaches and the tropical climate means that the average annual temperature of the state is approximately 25º C throughout the year. All this direct contact with nature usually generates a sense of well-being and better quality of life.

Smile, you are in Bahia!

You will love living here

Sustainability with technology and efficiency to provide a new positive lifestyle for you and your family.

Smart, connected and safe neighborhood. (Smart City)

The neighborhoods that shape our lives. Where we live can influence our health, our economic potential and the future of our children.

You will love studying here

The 1st School District in Brazil.

Our goal is to achieve the best performance in primary, secondary, vocational and higher education in Brazil. We will form the best of the best.

Vocational and Technological Education (EPT). A more modern education connected with the needs and technological changes will allow the student to choose the union of vocational education with regular education. 

This is the key to transforming Brazil into a more competitive country.

You will love working here

Good places to live and produce attract talent and investment.

People and places thrive when location comes first.


Electric vehicles are very welcome!

Get ready for a new reality in terms of mobility. It is silent, clean, practical and economical.

The objective is to simplify and modernize the charging process for electric vehicles.

A pilot program for energy efficiency at fast charging points, Electric Stations using solar energy.

This is the time to innovate! The neighborhoods with the largest public network of DC fast chargers in the country, powered by 100% renewable energy.

Mais eficiência energética e menos impacto ambiental.

Innovation | Zero emission

The first of a new generation of neighborhoods built with zero carbon emissions. 

Research Center for Urban Technologies

This will be the place where new urban technologies will be researched, developed, produced, tested and exported.

The future is now!













A new concept of urban life!


The biggest living laboratory on the planet!

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Learn more about the various investment opportunities in Smart Bahia's Smart Neighborhoods (Smart City).

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Enterprise commitment to a green agenda.

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Bahia, Brasil

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Zero carbon emission

Technology that continually learns and improves to make life easier for everyone.